Rodent Control

Rodent Control

Ormond Beach, Palm Coast, Port Orange and the surrounding areas

Rodents in your home or place of business can do more harm than you realize. A rodent in your home can spread diseases to your house pets and ruin your insulation. And in your place of business, you can be legally liable - at a high cost - for damaged stock, contaminated foods, health code violations or other consequences.

Luckily, you can depend on us: the rodent control team with years of training and experience in rodent trapping, removal and access control. We can take care of your rodent problem wherever it may be.

We know the telltale signs of rodent presence and behavior. We know how to root them out. And once they're gone, we can do a full evaluation and advise you on how to make sure they never come back.

Our professional team of rodent removal experts can help you get rid of pesky rodents in your home or business - for good. Our team prides ourselves on our exclusion techniques. We will start by trapping, then sealing up your home so that future infestations can't get in and the rodents present can't get out. Once they are all trapped and removed, we will do a bio-remediation of the infested are to neutralize the feces and urine in the area to reduce health risks.

Call us today to schedule an appointment for an evaluation on how rodent-proof your structure is, or call our emergency line the moment you know you've got a rodent problem. We're here to help.

Common Florida Rodents:

  • Field mouse
  • Norway rat
  • Roof rat