If Your Home's Suffering From a Pest Infestation

If Your Home's Suffering From a Pest Infestation

Turn to us for residential fumigation service in Ormond Beach, FL, Port Orange and Surrounding Areas

Sometimes regular extermination service isn't enough to get rid of pests. Tiger Termite and Pest Services provides tent fumigation service in Ormond Beach, Florida and surrounding areas to terminate pests completely. We'll put a tent over your home to prevent more pests from invading. Exterminators can usually de-bug your home within a few days.

Come home to a clean, pest-free property. Schedule fumigation service in Volusia and Flagler counties today.

How to prepare your home for treatment

Tent fumigation is like surgery - you have to prepare thoroughly before the operation can begin. Before you evacuate your home, you should:

  • Open all your doors and cabinets
  • Seal and remove food items
  • Eliminate any standing water
  • Move your house plants outside
  • Turn off your appliances and gas flames
  • Trim back hedges or plants near your home

We'll work efficiently to get rid of termites, roaches or any other pests that have moved into your home. Call now to kick out your unwanted houseguests for good.