Pest Tubes - A Complete Pest Control Solution

Pest Tubes - A Complete Pest Control Solution

Ormond Beach, Palm Coast, Port Orange, and the surrounding areas

System Benefits

  • Performance. The Pest Tubes system is a permanent built-in system that delivers the material directly in the walls and hollow areas, eliminating the pests right where they nest, hide and breed.
  • No Risk. EPA approved pre-measured amounts of products are injected inside the walls using the Pest Tubes system, allowing occupation of the structure even during treatment without risk to children, adults or pets.
  • Stability. The Pest Tubes system consists of space-age polyethylene tubing with evenly spaced perforations facilitating product distribution. The tubing is manufactured without connectors, eliminating any chance of separation. The products our company uses are "non-clogging". THE TUBES WILL NOT CLOG OR BREAK APART.
  • No Hassle. Pest Tubes offers maximum convenience with a centrally located exterior injection port. You don't even have to be home for applications. Since tubing distributes the material within the walls, there is no need for moving furniture, emptying cabinets and closets, or changing plans.
  • Proven Since 1990. After nearly 20 years of installations, our system has proven itself over and over again with satisfied and happy customers.
  • Cost Effective. The Pest Tubes system is a more cost effective means of protecting your home and family from disease carrying pests because of fewer applications, fewer service visits and better results.
  • No Stains or Odors. Containment within the walls puts an end to the staining of carpets, walls, molding, furniture and draperies, and eliminates the problems of odors common with other approaches to pest control and extermination.
  • Professional Service. Highly trained, Certified Pest Control Technicians service the "Inside-the-walls" system to the customer's complete satisfaction. The skilled professionals are provided with the equipment and support needed to assure that there will be no occurrence of pest infestations in any room of any structure protected by the Pest Tubes system.

Servicing Pest Tube Systems

Tiger Termite & Pest Services can service all pest tube systems.

Most properties are maintained on a quarterly basis.

Included with each visit is a perimeter spray and full sweep of the eaves, garage door, windows and other crevice areas.

All customers are entitled to unlimited retreatments as needed, including interior servicing.

If you need Pest Tubes in the Central Florida area, then CALL US @ 386-256-6880 or visit the contact page.